Just who wants to peek into your bedroom?

I found this sign on Facebook, and while I think it could be improved — I’d substitute “liberal” for “Democrat” — I’d say that it’s pretty much on target.

Of course, it also seems as though it’s easier to keep a conservative out of your bedroom than a keep a liberal out of your bedroom: conservatives don’t care if you use contraception, while the libs are not only concerned that you can, but want to make sure you have the contraception available, fully paid for by someone else, because they really are very concerned about what you do in your bedroom.

And, of course, conservatives don’t want to throw homosexuals in prison, and they also don’t want to hear from people telling us just with whom they are sleeping; it’s our friends on the left who want the state to step in and certify that Adam and Steve are sleeping together and it’s all good, and that we really, really ought to nod our heads in approval, and, naturally, we want to use the public schools to teach kids that it’s perfectly normal and acceptable.

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