President Obama’s stimulus package has run its course and been exhausted, and the Republicans in Congress prevented the passage of yet another meddlesome economic plan, and now the economy is picking up steam.

It is no coincidence.


Jobs Data Show Sustained Growth


WASHINGTON—The U.S. labor market grew in January at its most robust pace since last spring, a sign that the economy’s momentum carried into the new year.

Nonfarm payrolls rose by 243,000 last month, the Labor Department said Friday, marking the biggest gain since April. The jobless rate fell by two-tenths of a point to 8.3%, the lowest it has been since February 2009.

Both figures contradicted expectations of a slowdown in job growth to start the year. Economists surveyed by Dow Jones Newswires had forecast a gain of 125,000 in payrolls and that the jobless rate would remain at 8.5%.

The report also indicated that job growth was stronger in previous months than initially reported, with the economy gaining 60,000 jobs beyond the government’s preliminary figures for November and December.

The latest drop in the jobless rate, which is obtained from a separate household survey was largely because of genuine job growth rather than a reduction in the labor force, the report showed. The number of unemployed people fell to 12.8 million, a three-year low, and the jobless rate has fallen from 9.1% since August.

More at the link. But it’s worth noting that President Obama’s economic stimulus plan, the one which was supposed to keep unemployment down to 8%, has long run its course, and his second proposed jobs plan was killed in Congress . . . and now the economy is starting to create new jobs. Political reality being what it is, the President will get the credit for new job creation, but the economic reality is that job creation has begun since his meddlesome policies ended. As President Obama and the Democrats campaign against the “do nothing” Republicans, the Republicans actually preventing more government interference in the economy seems to be just what the economy needs.

Of course, this helps the unemployment percentage:

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