I probably shouldn’t have answered the phone . . .

. . . and I almost didn’t. Normally, when my cell phone’s caller identification is unable to get the calling number — meaning: it has been blocked at the source — I just dump the call. Instead, as I normally do for unrecognized numbers, Я ответил на телефон на русском языке.

Well, after a few second’s hesitation, a cute-sounding young lady asked for me by name, and I asked, in English this time, who was calling. She was with the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee, and did I know that, if the Democrats lose just four seats in the Senate, the Republicans would take control, and could I donate just $150 to help keep that from happening?

Being as she did sound cute, I, as politely as I could, informed her that I hoped the Republicans would take over, take over everything. She seemed a bit taken aback. At that point, rather than express myself in concrete plant manager’s language just what I thought of the Democrats, I ended the call, as politely, but still as quickly, as I could.

For anyone who cares: if you block your number from my caller identification, I really don’t want to speak to you.

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  1. I got a call tonight from the Cancel(r) Society. If there is one group that I would not even give counterfeit money to is the American Cancel Society and its associates. Why? In 1977 I had what is called a Synovial Sarcoma over my hip. Somewhat of a rare bugger that attacks joints. Mine was over my hip. I asked where do these come from and i could not get an answer. So, the only known plan of attack in the world was surgery and radiation. I called the American Cancel Society for help. My interpretation of there answer was you’re on your own. This really pissed me off since ACS advertised we’re there for you, but not me. Now this was 35 years ago, and I’m still pissed. Tonight I got a call from an affiliate of ACS, for a donation, and I told them not only NO, but NO! It seems petty, but when you are facing a life or death disease and the people who say they are there to help, and turn you down, it was a big insult to me then, and everytime I hear them, that wound is opened longer and deeper. In the end, the “cure” caused me to lose the whole right leg to the hip.

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