I probably shouldn’t have answered the phone . . .

. . . and I almost didn’t. Normally, when my cell phone’s caller identification is unable to get the calling number — meaning: it has been blocked at the source — I just dump the call. Instead, as I normally do for unrecognized numbers, Я ответил на телефон на русском языке.

Well, after a few second’s hesitation, a cute-sounding young lady asked for me by name, and I asked, in English this time, who was calling. She was with the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee, and did I know that, if the Democrats lose just four seats in the Senate, the Republicans would take control, and could I donate just $150 to help keep that from happening?

Being as she did sound cute, I, as politely as I could, informed her that I hoped the Republicans would take over, take over everything. She seemed a bit taken aback. At that point, rather than express myself in concrete plant manager’s language just what I thought of the Democrats, I ended the call, as politely, but still as quickly, as I could.

For anyone who cares: if you block your number from my caller identification, I really don’t want to speak to you.

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