Buy Aaron Worthing's book!

The Honorable Aaron Worthing, late of Patterico's Pontifications, has published a book:

Buy My Novel, Today!

So it turns out that in my spare time I have written a novel.  Go figure.  It is published on Amazon as a self-published Kindle book.  Here’s its cover image which I created myself:

Its full title is “Archangel: A Novel of Alternate, Recent History.”  You can purchase it, here, or you might consider going over to some of your favorite sites and using the Amazon search box on the sidebar of blogs such as Patterico’s, Althouse or Instapundit and the respective sites’ owners will get a little money back for themselves.  Right now it is coming up as the second item if you just search for “Aaron Worthing.”

I actually did the principal writing of it in

2006 and 2007, and since then I have been polishing it.  And of course I think some “stage fright” kept me from releasing it.  But I had begun to pitch the book to different publishers and I felt that the time to finally release it was now. This is in part because as time went on, certain parts of the novel started to get incredibly ironic.  You will have a hard time believing that I wrote this before certain events in my life—except for the fact that it would have been physically impossible to have written it after those events.

You can read the rest of Mr Worthing's description on his site by following the link. I was going to ask for an autographed copy, but I guess that you can't get that on a Kindle-only publication! :)

Mr Worthing, an attorney, was one of Patterico's co-bloggers until recently; he left for personal reasons having nothing to do with that site. He was of considerable help to me in publicizing some articles on the old site, and I know that he was an enormous help to Patterico when the site owner was bogged down with a lot of issues; Patterico has a real day job.

I will be adding the link to purchase Mr Worthing's book to the sidebar shortly, but Mr Worthing will make just as much money, while Patterico will get a few additional pennies, if you search for the book on the Amazon search on his site; THE FIRST STREET JOURNAL is not set up to receive any commission for Mr Worthing's book.