And now we will hear the cries from our friends on the left claiming that "He's a <i>criminal!</i>" as a means of obscuring the message

The irrepressible James O'Keefe does it again!

James O’Keefe Video Purports to Show Ease of Voter Fraud in N.H. Primary

A video posted the day after the New Hampshire Primary from conservative gonzo James O’Keefe either exposes why voting laws are too lax or comes close to itself being voter fraud (or both), by obtaining the ballots of dead Granite Staters on primary day.

The video has already sparked an investigation in the New Hampshire State Attorney General’s office, both because of the weaknesses of the electoral system it seems to demonstrate and the potential legal violations those making the film might have committed, according to N.H. Associate Attorney General Richard Head.

Poll workers in the video offer up ballots without requesting identification from off-camera operatives. Members of O’Keefe’s Project Veritas give names that the video alleges belong to deceased New Hampshire voters and receive ballots, even when they rep

ort that they forgot their IDs in the car. It would be considered voter fraud were any of them to vote under these names, but none of them do – at least on camera.

When one woman hears that the man she is attempting to give a ballot is dead and is asked if she might have any other deceased residents on her list, she laughs and asks, “How would I know if they were dead or not?”

Republicans in the state legislature passed a bill this summer that would have required photo identification for New Hampshire voters, but Governor John Lynch vetoed that legislation, saying, “ An eligible voter who goes to the polls to vote on Election Day should be able to have his or her vote count on Election Day.”

Now, it may well be that Mr O'Keefe and his minions have broken the law to make this video: it's against the law in the Granite State to record a conversation without all parties to the conversation being aware that it is being recorded, and there's no evidence in he video that the elections personnel were aware that they were being recorded. And thus our friends on the left will attack Mr O'Keefe and how he made the tapes as a way of ignoring the ease with which voter fraud can be committed when a photographic identification is not required to vote. Naturally, though the ABC News story doesn't tell you, the Governor who vetoed the legislation is a Democrat.


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