There was a reason they called him Governor Moonbeam

We noted here that California was losing yet another profitable business, one which was moving to much-friendlier-to-businesses Texas. So, when your high taxes are causing even successful businesses to leave the state, it takes someone with the sophistication and intelligence of Governor Jerry Brown (D-CA) to realize that the solution is to raise taxes! From Phineas:

California: Governor Brown thinks we’re stupid

Posted by: Phineas on January 6, 2012 at 1:59 pm
Governor Jerry Brown’s proposed budget was released yesterday and it’s… Well, this is a family show, so let’s just say it’s “interesting.”

Governor Jerry Brown proposed $92.6 billion in spending for the year starting in July, an increase of about 7 percent, which will count on voters approving $7 billion of higher taxes in November.

The spending plan foresees a deficit of $9.2 billion through the next 18 months. Almost half of that is in the current fiscal year, he said. He called for $4.2 billion in cuts, mostly to welfare and programs for the poor. If the tax increase isn’t passed, Brown’s plan would cut another $4.8 billion in support for public schools and community colleges.

In other words, the government of a state that’s already suffering from too much government spending and suicidally high levels of taxation wants to increase spending and ask the voters to tax themselves more. Makes sense? It does if you’re a California liberal Democrat. I mean, we just couldn’t cut some of the myriad of needless and redundant state boards we maintain (and whose members draw six-figure salaries). We couldn’t cut the subsidized car leases and hefty per diems our elected representatives oligarchs get. We couldn’t find ways to increase revenue by intelligently exploiting our vast natural resources and making California once again an attractive place to do business, now could we?

Heaven forfend! Are you mad?

More at the link.

In a time of shortages of money, Governor Brown wants to increase state spending by more than twice the rate of inflation? Yup, Phineas was right with the title: he does think that Californians are stupid. Of course, the fact that they voted him into office would be the primary piece of evidence that Californians really are idiots. And he wants a tax increase to boot!

California already has the lowest state debt rating from Standard & Poors of any state, at A-. Yeah,I’m sure this will help.

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