Girl Scouts: Have a Box of Media Bias with Your Tagalongs

The Blaze has a story up today on how the Girl Scouts–that venerable organization that, for generations, taught girls how to tie knots and sell Tagalongs–is teaching girls something else these days: media bias.

As I posted on my old site in 2009, the Girl Scouts have been indoctrinating our daughters with liberal brainwashing for a long time. The Girl Scouts moved from the tried and true badge book to the new Journeys guides several years ago, and these books have a decidedly liberal lean to them.

Now, it’s not terribly surprising that an organization built on “Girl Power” and creating women leaders would remind some of us of Helen Reddy. But telling my daughters they can be anything they want and they have a right to make their own decisions is a far cry from feeding them liberal dogma and telling them it’s truth-seeking.

The latest scandal concerns the Journey book MEdia aimed at Cadettes (sixth through eighth graders).

From The Blaze:

On the surface, “MEdia” seems like it’s an excellent resource (and in some ways maybe it is) that encourages self-reflection and skepticism — two very understandable and useful tenets. But on page 25 of the book, a very curious recommendation is given.

Under the headline, “Consider the Source,” text encourages girls to go to the George Soros-funded Media Matters for America web site to clear up any media misinformation they might encounter. It reads:

The Internet is a breeding ground for “urban legends,” which are false stories told as if true. Next time you receive a txt or e-mail about something that seems unbelievable, confirm it before you spread it.
The fact-checking site investigates everything from urban legends to “news” articles and posts its findings. Media Matters for America ( gets the word out about media misinformation.

Media Matters is not an objective site on media bias. In fact, they are a far leftwing site uninterested in truth, preferring to attack Fox News as opposed to finding bias on both sides. I’ve seen MM’s bias firsthand, and once you recognize their tactics, you do learn a thing or two about media bias.

Teaching almost teenagers to be critical of media in today’s age is an important skill. I wouldn’t even mind showing my Cadettes (I am a Girl Scout leader, after all) the Media Matters site. But I would use it as an example of bias and show them why it’s a slanted piece of crap.

Perhaps that was what was meant by getting ‘the word out about media misinformation.”

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