…And if you don't give money to PETA, you favor cruelty to animals

Denver Broncos quarterback Tim Tebow gets lots of press. He’s not just a phenomenal quarterback, he’s an outspoken Christian who isn’t afraid to speak about his faith (and a whole lot more). The fact that Tebow refuses to behave like a jerk or join the long list of athletes behaving badly drives every leftwing whacko crazy (ok, crazier).

So, what’s a poor nutjob to do when Tebow won’t shut up about how important God is to him? That’s easy:

Nearly 8,000 individuals have signed onto a Change.org petition for the Broncos and their high-profile quarterback Tim Tebow to become the first NFL team to create a video for It Gets Better, which was started by sex columnist Dan Savage and his husband in September 2010 in response to the disturbing number of suicides by teenagers who said they were being bullied for being gay or perceived to be gay.

Get it? Tebow is an evangelical, so gay activists want to embarrass him by trying to make him do a pro-gay Public Service Announcement.

n 2010, Tebow controversially starred in an ad for the right-wing group Focus on the Family, which opposes LGBT rights. In fact, the organization has argued that there “is no evidence that homosexuals, as a class, are discriminated against in the present society.”

Petition organizer and Broncos fan Andy Szekeres said an It Gets Better video would help Tebow and the Broncos say, “We may have differences on abortion and gay marriage, but stopping kids from killing themselves is an issue we can all get behind.”

If the people at Change.org were just against bullying, why make it about LGBT rights? Why not just a straight (no pun intended) up ad saying, “Don’t bully kids. It’s mean”?

The responses to the HuffPo article say it all: the point isn’t that bullying gay people is a problem. The point is that Tebow made an ad for Focus on the Family…about life. According to the author and commenters, if you’re pro-choice and create an ad to that effect but don’t create an ad supporting homosexuals, you hate gay people and want them murdered.

That is unbelievably sick.

But I can see where this can lead:

–If you don’t donate to PETA, you support animal cruelty.
–If you think 99 weeks of unemployment benefits is enough, you want people to starve.
–If you buy electricity from your local power company and they use fossil fuels, you support dirty air (oops, President Obama already said this).

It would be nice if Tebow were treated with the respect liberals want given to every anti-war protester, vegan, environmentalist, and atheist.

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