This hardly seems like a coincidence

Your editor wonders if Arianna Huffington was getting in a dig at our President with this story.

Unemployment For Women Not Getting Better

Unemployed Women The woman — dressed in a crisply-ironed blue dress, practical and polished flats and the perfect shade of red lipstick to complement her smooth alabaster skin and ebony hair — approached the microphone. What she said next made the audience at an October forum on joblessness gasp.

“Ladies and gentlemen, I stand before you,” Gayle Leslie said, “as a woman with a college degree, as someone who is incredibly well networked, congenial, flexible and determined and who has never stopped looking for work. But after almost three years without a job, I am also the face of homelessness.”

The last time Leslie had a full-time job, she was responsible for producing voters for Barack Obama. Today, the 51-year-old former copywriter and event planner, is homeless.

More at the link. The story itself is about the unemployment rate for women. The article looks at the employment numbers released by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, and points out that while the unemployment rate for women 20 and over is lower than that for same aged men, 7.8% vis-à-vis 8.3%, that the unemployment rate for women, which didn’t rise nearly as high for women as it did for men, has remained fairly stagnant, while the rate for men has dropped from its peak of 9.9% at the end of the second quarter of 2009, which is technically the beginning of the recovery. The article noted that women held 66% of the government jobs which have been cut.

What the article had nothing to do with was President Obama, but instead followed plight of Gayle Leslie, the woman who worked so hard all her life, and is now broke, exhausted her unemployment benefits last year, and is surviving upon “the kindness of friends.” Yet, of all of the women the article author, Janell Ross, could have used as the “human face of the story hook” in the article, your editor finds it ironic that she chose a formerly successful woman whose last full time job was working for the 2008 election of Barack Obama. Coincidence?

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