Occupy Philadelphia: Preventing union workers from having jobs.

The various “Occupy” movements are supposedly protests about there not being enough good jobs available. From The Philadelphia Inquirer:

More police ordered at Occupy Philly site; other actions are considered¹

By Jeff Gelles, Philadelphia Inquirer Staff Writer

Citing “growing public health and safety concerns,” erratic communications with the movement’s leaders, and the need to begin a $50 million construction project that Occupy Philly’s City Hall encampment is blocking, Mayor Nutter ordered a stepped-up police presence at the five-week-old protest Sunday.

Nutter stopped short of saying whether the city was considering evicting protesters from Dilworth Plaza after group members voted Friday not to move their protest. But he said he was weighing responses.

“I’m not getting into deadlines. When we need to act, we will act,” Nutter said at a City Hall news conference where he described fire hazards, sanitation problems, and crime at the site, including a protester’s report that she was raped in a tent Saturday night.

More at the link. Mayor Michael Nutter (D-Philadelphia) is frustrated by the lack of resposibility and leadership from the Occupiers; the people who spoke for them at the beginning are gone now, “a key problem was continual change in those who tried to speak for the protesters.” They are as leaderless as they are aimless.

Minor crime, unsanitary conditions, and fire hazards such as candles and propane heaters plague the site; at least one tent was destroyed by fire. There has been one reported rape in a tent.

The Mayor said:

As mayor of the City of Philadelphia, I represent the 99 percent also. The Dilworth Plaza project will not be conducted by some corporate entity. These are real men and women — Philadelphians, Pennsylvanians — who need jobs, who need to take care of their families, their 99 percent, in their households. That’s what this is about.

In their zeal to protest the lack of good jobs, the Occupiers are holding up a project which will provide good jobs. Since Philadelphia mandates that public construction jobs be handled by companies using unionized labor, the Occupiers are keeping union workers from jobs. Perhaps they ought to rethink their plans.

¹ – The Philadelphia Inquirer, Monday, 14 November 2011, p. B-1

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