Do As They Say….Not As They Do

Adding to the increasing dearth of credibility of the “Occupy Movement” is the news that the Occupy Oakland protesters, who have specifically targeted Wells Fargo Bank as a symbol of the much-maligned capitalism are Wells Fargo customers, after all. After going to great efforts to encourage their fellow socialist wannabe pals to withdraw their funds from Wells Fargo and other big banks, the fist-shaking protesters demonstrated their hypocrisy by depositing a $20,000 donation to their confused cause for “safekeeping” in a Wells Fargo bank.

From CBS San Francisco: “A group of Oakland anti-Wall Street protesters who blame large banks for the economic downturn have decided that one of those institutions is the best place to stash their money for now.

Protesters at an Occupy Oakland meeting Monday voted to deposit a $20,000 donation into a Wells Fargo account. The move comes just days after one of Wells Fargo’s branches was vandalized during a massive downtown demonstration.”

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